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  • 自阻燃型高防火聚氨酯保温新材料成功研发
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AG官方手机登录 | 首页主要生产供应的是玻璃产品,通过对玻璃加工来提升防火性能,公司的防火玻璃,防火隔断,防火门窗都有着极高的性能。当然了,防火产品其他还有很多,小编今天想和大家说说自阻燃型高防火聚氨酯保温新材料。

Zhejiang Xixi Glass Co., Ltd. mainly produces glass products. Through the glass processing to improve the fire protection performance, the company's fireproof glass, fire insulation, fireproof doors and windows have very high performance. Of course, there are many other products for fire protection. Xiaobian wants to tell you today about the self flame retardant high fireproof polyurethane thermal insulation new material.


Self flame retardant high fireproof polyurethane assembly


After 4 years of arduous and innovative research, China has independently developed and developed the self flame retardant high fireproof polyurethane thermal insulation new material. A few days ago, the product was tested by the national authority, the flame retardant grade reached (GB8624-2012) B1, which is the ideal target of polyurethane bare wood at home and abroad so far.


Meng Yang, the director of the alliance Pu special committee and professor of the Institute of thermal engineering of Shandong Jianzhu University, introduced and demonstrated the self flame retardant high fire resistant polyurethane. "The material has been out of the laboratory and can be produced in large quantities, and energy saving and flame-retardant double standards can be achieved." Meng Yang introduced that polyurethane is the best environment-friendly energy-saving thermal insulation material recognized in the world. It has many excellent properties, such as low thermal conductivity, moisture resistance, aging resistance, good temperature resistance, thermosetting, self adhesion and so on. However, the difficult problem of flammability has greatly affected the use of polyurethane materials in building energy efficiency. No added self flame retardant high fireproof polyurethane material, which concentrates on all excellent physical properties of polyurethane, and has characteristics of hard combustion, environmental protection, low smoke and so on. The flame retardant grade is B1 grade by the national authority, which is the ideal index of polyurethane bare wood at home and abroad so far. Self flame retardant polyurethane without any flame retardant, green environmental protection, physical properties stable, no drip after fire, no drop (oxygen index 31.2%, combustion growth rate 0.4MJ, 38.4W/s, 0.2MJ, 90.2W/s, B1-B), very low smoke production, almost no smoke (smoke generation rate of 24M2/S1600m total smoke production) 53.6M2), using the technology of space carbonization, the carbonization layer is formed rapidly in the case of fire. A close and intense carbon layer forms a firewall to separate the flame from the building, so that the flame will no longer spread and burn into the building, and the safety of the body and property can be saved more effectively.