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  • 国内应用比较多的单片完整型防火
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It is well known that fireproof glass isolation has the advantages of heat insulation, retarding the spread of fire, smoke isolation, and so on. It can create favorable conditions for the rescue of people, property and buildings in the case of fire, and reduce the loss to the maximum limit. The fire glass market has great potential. It is widely used in computer rooms, high-precision laboratories, schools, and the core part of Party and government organs.



Fireproof glass partition

我们AG官方手机登录 | 首页生产制作防火玻璃、不锈钢防火隔断,另外,也供应智能浴屏,防弹玻璃,铯钾甲级防火玻璃等等。防火玻璃作为我们的主营产品,在安全性、防火性上都受到客户的认可。

We Zhejiang Xixi Glass Co., Ltd. produces fireproof glass, stainless steel fireproof partition, in addition, the supply of intelligent bathing screen, bulletproof glass, cesium and potassium a fire proof glass and so on. As a main product, fire resistant glass is recognized by customers in terms of safety and fire safety.


Fireproof glass partition is a new kind of building fireproof material, which is mainly used to make firewalls, fireproof doors and fireproof partition. In Europe, two kinds of fireproof glass are divided into compound heat insulation type and monolithic integrated fire proof glass. According to the classification of fire resistance, fireproof glass can be divided into 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes, four grades.